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Chapter 16 – Jules: The Woman Who Turned the Tide

I drew a picture of Jules in the first month of knowing her and we both agreed that it was a true representation of her. Jules raved for days that it captured her body dimensions and attitude exactly, down to the wide-legged stance, the lit cig in her hand, the Harry Potter dressing gown. La Devastadora I called her, Jules’ badass alter ego, named for her affinity for Spain and Spanish, her devastating skill in the bedroom. La Devastadora was what I saw when I looked at her.

Lovers Series · Story

Chapter 14 – Jules: Secondhand Love Story

When love struck again, I took it to him, my deepest confessions, my biggest worries. I needed someone to talk to that didn’t have as big of stakes as Oz would as my primary partner. Lorin was patient and used to giving advice. He was the perfect fit. These are the words we traded in those first few weeks of her.

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Chapter 13 – A Wedding and a Silent Funeral (and Flora Part 3)

Oz and I were married in a Unitarian chapel in North London, and afterwards two old-fashioned London buses. came to ferry us south of the river to the reception. I wanted my wedding to be a meeting of elegant opposites, a blending of cultures, preferences, personalities, a coming-together. And yet, for all its success at bringing together so many other disparate things, the wedding was nothing if not a convergence of lovers that started out well but quickly went south.


Chapter 7 – Love Language

Growing up religious in my town, it was impossible not to hear about The Five Love Languages. Though I am constantly forgetting the others, I know mine very well. As a writer, expressing myself has always seemed a need of the highest importance to me, though as a multimedia storyteller, communicating without words has always been just as valuable to me as speech.