Chapter 18 – Married for What

I hope anyone in London reading this had a lovely London Pride! Jules and I had a beautiful day together and danced the night away while Oz and Richard marched the parade and then went out for drinks at night, the four of us splitting into same-sex pairs by rather fitting happy accident. But yes,… Continue reading Chapter 18 – Married for What


Chapter 17 – The Fear of Loss

People died everyday from unexpected accidents, stupid shit—losing control on a bicycle, standing up to a thief, trying to operate machinery, terrorist attacks. Losing him would destroy me; I couldn’t take it... My fear of loss crystalized into a fear of love without proof. How could I prove my claim was as sound as any other? I tried not to think about it. I forced my mind to other things, nodded to the fear and then tried to let it go. Until my phone lit up and flooded me with relief.

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Chapter 16 – Jules: The Woman Who Turned the Tide

I drew a picture of Jules in the first month of knowing her and we both agreed that it was a true representation of her. Jules raved for days that it captured her body dimensions and attitude exactly, down to the wide-legged stance, the lit cig in her hand, the Harry Potter dressing gown. La Devastadora I called her, Jules’ badass alter ego, named for her affinity for Spain and Spanish, her devastating skill in the bedroom. La Devastadora was what I saw when I looked at her.

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Chapter 15 – The Optimal Number (and Lorin Part 3)

Lorin asked me about my optimal number, the number of partners I could realistically maintain without neglecting any. At that time I was sure it was three. I suppose that after the introduction of the term “polyamory” to my life, I had started to think of the “poly” part in its multiplicity, its potential to keep growing. If I wasn’t drawing the line at one partner, one relationship, why draw the line at two?

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Chapter 13 – A Wedding and a Silent Funeral (and Flora Part 3)

Oz and I were married in a Unitarian chapel in North London, and afterwards two old-fashioned London buses. came to ferry us south of the river to the reception. I wanted my wedding to be a meeting of elegant opposites, a blending of cultures, preferences, personalities, a coming-together. And yet, for all its success at bringing together so many other disparate things, the wedding was nothing if not a convergence of lovers that started out well but quickly went south.